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Ear Plucking "Don't Fix What's Not Broken"


This is a commonly disscussed subject with our clients. As groomers we are taught to pull any and all hair out of the ear canal of "groomable" dogs (Shih Tzu's, Lhasa Apo's, Poodles, and so on including all the mixes in between). As we continue and learn more in our grooming careers we are learning that each dog can have their own ear cleaning routine depending on their ear health and conditions. If there is a small amount of hair in a dogs ear but there doesn't appear to be any concern, leaving the hair alone with a simple cotton ball and ear cleaning solution is probably all it needs. There is tender tissues in the ear canal and by pulling on the hair it can cause an opening to bacteria.

However this isn't to say that no dog needs ear plucking, sometimes it is recommended by your Vetrinarian to have this done regular with your grooming appointments. Please consult your Regular Vetrinarian if there is any concern with your pets ear health. Our ear cleaning and plucking is included in full grooming prices if your pet does need this to be done.

Ladies and Gents Room 

Before your pups appointment time starts, use the few extra minutes to take them to a green space in the plaza for a bathroom break. This helps them feel less stressed/rushed by getting a few smells in and not holding a possible "movement" ( especially for our special seniors <3 ). 

Bathroom Tiles
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